Did YOU know....

  • The Ice Maiden lived between 1450 and 1480, thats about 500 years ago!
  • She was found on a freezing cold mountain in Southern Peru
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    Two men, Johan Reinhard and Migual Zarate climbed Mt Ampato in 1955
    Migual spotted some feathers coming out of the snow, and a small Inca burial site
    They also spotted a small frozen bundle- truning out to be a young girl over 500 years old!
  • Although she looks old and pruny now, she was only 12-14 years old when she died

The Ice Maiden as seen today
What the Ice Maiden would have looked like 500 years ago

Click here to watch her transform back in time!

  • The Ice Maiden was apart of the Inca tribe.


  • The Incas had many rituals and celebrations unusual to most people today, such as sacrificing people to Gods. The Ice maiden was actually killed to be a sacrifice to the mountain Gods
  • She was clubbed in the head by an Inca priest, smashing her skull and brain. Ouch!
  • The Inca's also gave statues and foods to the Gods as offerings, such as statues like this llama
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  • Because she was being sacrificed she was fed lots of rich, yummy foods, like vegetables, because the Incas didn't want to sacrifice someone hungry and crying.
  • If it weren't for two men, who were archaeologists, climbing up the mountain who discovered her, she may have perished in the weather, or been pulled apart by looters. Lucky for them!
  • After she was discovered, scientist gathered together and were able to piece together bits of information to recreate her life.
  • It was through these smart people, and a science technique called forensic analysis, that we know all this about the Ice Maiden. Talk about smart people!