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Frozen in Time: Human Remains from the Dawn of History:

ICE MAIDEN'Momia Juanita'

'Momia Juanita,' which is Spanish for 'Mummy Juanita', or the Ice Maiden, was an ancient body of a young girl, discovered hundred of years after she died. She was remarkably well preserved, allowing many scientists to re-discover the way she died, how old she was, and even what her last meal was! As you explore through the many pages of this site, you will learn all about the Ice Maiden, and what makes her really special!

Ice Maiden, now on display at the Catholic University's Museum of Andean Sanctuaries

The 'who, what, where, when and how' of the discovery of Ice Maiden's remains
Click here to find out information about the site of discovery and events which brought the remains to light

How did she die?
Click here to discover how forensic analysis of the maiden's remains has revealed how she died- its not pretty!

Insight into the scientific analysis of the Ice Maiden
Click here to view some videos showing the Ice Maiden's life before and after she was discovered, including real scientists at work.

Fast Facts for Fast Kids!
Click here for a few fast facts about the Ice Maiden!